Don't Be A Scardy Cat!

"Come on Jimmy! Jump! I'll catch you!"

I was four years old trying my best to balance on the side of my neighbor's pickup truck. Even though I was only about 5 feet off the ground, I felt like I could touch the sky.

Needless to say, I hesitated when he called me out. I was frozen. Ends up I would be called a scaredy cat for the rest of the day. Truth is, I didn't know my friend's dad that well AND it was a mighty long ways down to that Georgia red clay.

In that brief moment came a rustle in the truck bed behind me.

In a flash, his daughter pushed me into the bed of the truck, jumped to the side and leapt into the air. She flew forever! Her arms stretched to their fullest potential while also managing to flip around so that she could stick her tongue out at me on the way down.

Her dad caught her. Just like he said he would. She knew her father wasn't going to drop her. She had the faith to jump blindly into his arms.

This is the essence of childlike faith. Being willing to let go and boldly leap into the arms of our Savior. Jesus actually talked about this one time in Matthew 18.

"I tell you the truth, you must change and become like little children. The greatest person in the kingdom of heaven is the one who makes himself humble like this child." Matt. 18:2-4, CEV

Having a childlike faith is humbling yourself and being willing to take a bold leap, realizing that our Heavenly Father won't let you down.

Peter had that kind of faith. He was willing to step out and walk on the water with Jesus. And when he found himself in trouble, he reached for the powerful hand of his Savior who was standing right next to him.

Paul had that kind of childlike faith. He was willing to put himself out there for the gospel, even though it meant prison. Even in a cell, Jesus was there to comfort him.

With Father's Day approaching and in light of our current series, "Destinations: Knowing and Doing God's Will," it's good to be reminded that we're called to have this type of childlike faith.

What is your Heavenly Father asking you to do right now?

Don't be such a scaredy cat!

Are you hesitating? Or, are you willing to jump?

He won't drop you. I promise!

Jimmy McIlrath