New Marriage Retreat details coming soon!


Last years trip:

Are you ready for a little time away together?  Are you ready to rekindle the love? If so, join us for this year's Ridge Marriage Retreat in Asheville, North Carolina.

Our past retreats have ventured to the lake, to the beach, to the hills of North Georgia and even to the plains of Auburn, AL.  This year, we figured we'd enjoy a little fresh mountain air.  

Each couple faces unique seasons and challenges.  Some simply need a weekend away, while others might feel stuck and hopeless.  During our weekend, we'll begin each day with great sessions that will provide guidance and care.

There will also be plenty of free time on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  Feel free to take in the slopes at Wolf Ridge Ski Resort, hike the trails at the Blue Ridge Recreation Park or plan a visit to the beautiful Biltmore Estate.

Let me give you a few details:

Place: Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts, 1 Resort Dr., Asheville, NC 28806

This place is incredible!  We’ve been to North Georgia, the lake, the beach, to the plains… and now it’s time for the mountains!  It’s a little farther than our past locations, but I think it’ll totally be worth it!  Take a minute and check out the website:

Dates: January 14th-17th, 2022. 

Yep… you read that correctly.  We’re extending the retreat an extra day!  The plan is to hold the retreat over the holiday weekend. 

Since this year’s retreat is in Asheville, NC AND because we have an extra day, we’ll plan to start our group meetings on Saturday morning.  That means you’ll have all day to travel up on Friday… so take your time!! 

And who knows… we’ll probably have a few extra things planned for those who show up early on Friday evening.  You never know what to expect on these retreats!

Cost: $400/couple – Discounted rate for M.R. Alum’s.    $425/couple – Normal rate.

In order to book your room, there will be a $250 nonrefundable deposit required for registration.  Price includes room/resort fees/state taxes (food and activities are not included).


There will be plenty of free time on Saturday and Sunday afternoons to explore the Asheville area.  Feel free to take in the slopes at Wolf Ridge Ski Resort, hike the trails at Blue Ridge Recreation Park or plan a visit to the beautiful Biltmore Estate.

If you’d like to ski, we’ll try to organize a group rate for Saturday and Sunday afternoon/evening.  We’ll also offer a ski registration link soon. 

Ski packages (so far):

1 day afternoon/evening: $100/person (Includes lift and rental)

2 days afternoon/evening: $130/person (Includes lift and rental)

Bib rentals $15/day

Helmet rentals $10/day

I’ll offer a registration option in the near future.  Stay tuned for more details for group rates.

For more information on Wolf Ridge Ski Lodge:

Biltmore Estate:

If you’d like to visit the famous Biltmore Estate, please visit their website for information on tickets:


This upcoming trip to Asheville seems to be generating quite a buzz.  I’m already hearing people who are really excited about this new adventure.  Be sure to register and pay your deposit asap!

Shannon and I look forward to these weekends each and every year.  I really hope you’ll take this opportunity to join us, break away a bit and focus on what Christ wants for your marriage.  Together, we’ll learn a few keys on how to “tighten the knot.”

We hope you'll join us!  

Registration Link: Click Here


RelEngage Wide 

re|engage study: Coming again soon

Whether your marriage is good and you want it to be great, or you are at rock-bottom and wonder if there is hope, re|engage is a safe place to grow in your marriage. Each week, you will hear from couples whose marriages have been transformed, learn practical ways to grow in oneness with your spouse, and gain insight from others in a small group setting as you walk through the lessons. 

re|engage informational video:

re|engage - Frequently Asked Questions

*Will I be asked a lot of personal questions at re|engage?

There is no personal sharing required during the large group meeting. Though we encourage you to remain active in group discussion, any personal sharing during the small group meetings is voluntary.

*How do I know that what I share at re|engage will be kept confidential? Will it be a safe place to share?

We believe that scripture calls us to refrain from gossip and we ask all participants and facilitators to adhere to the guidelines that what is discussed in the group stays in the group.  re|engage facilitators are encouraged to operate under the direction of God’s Word in handling the information shared in the group.  In order to provide a safe environment, the facilitators have committed to not share information about others outside the group except in the event of the threat of physical, emotional or spiritual injury, then to be dealt with under the guidance of re|engage staff.    

*Can I be honest with people about what is going on in our marriage?

Our prayer is that you will feel safe to share within your small group. We find that the more authentic and transparent couples can be with others, the more they find hope and healing within their marriage.

*Is re|engage marriage counseling?

re|engage is not marriage counseling and the leaders are facilitators, not counselors. They are also growing in their own marriages. Everyone in the group is on the journey to oneness in marriage. We believe that openness and honesty in a small group setting, using Biblically-based curriculum, is where God works to grow and resurrect marriages.

*Do you provide child care?

That is a tough situation due to Covid and varies with each group. 

*How much time each week outside of the meeting is required to be part of re|engage?

Completion of the curriculum will take approximately 15-20 minutes each week.  The time required will vary, but it is designed for minimal time commitment.

*What commitment do I have to make?

Once you join a group, working through the re|engage curriculum will require a commitment.  This is the time in which the group is working through the curriculum together. 

*I don’t know if I’ll have a marriage by the end of the month. Is re|engage a good place for us?

Absolutely! There are many couples who have attended, or are attending, who are separated or divorced. While the outcome is based on the work each individual is willing to do to save their marriage, the platform provides a safe place to focus on what a healthy marriage should look like, and it provides some tools to help grow toward this goal.

*We don’t like spending time with each other anymore. Will we have to interact together?

While you will be in a small group together, each of you will be sharing about what you learn personally each week. However, there are some exercises that may require you to interact with each other throughout the process.

*I have no hope anymore. Is this a place where we can find hope?

Our prayer is that you will find hope that can come through allowing God to do a mighty work within your marriage.

*My marriage is doing well. Can we benefit by attending re|engage?

Whether your marriage needs to be reignited, or is in need of a complete resurrection, re|engage is a safe place for couples to reconnect. 

*We have only been married for 6 months. Can we still come?

Absolutely!  In fact, participating in re|engage at this stage in your marriage is a great idea!  The program will provide a strong foundation for your marriage.

*For any other questions regarding re|engage, please contact us at