October Theme: Patience

Hey Parents! 

This October in Elementary RidgeRunners, we're learning about waiting on God, trusting him, and bearing with each other. The Little RidgeRunners in the Pre-K room will be learning that they can trust God with all of the problems they face - nothing is too big for God - from the book of Jeremiah and Jesus' feeding of the 5000.

Children's Rooms

Children who are potty-trained through Pre-K5 should be dropped off in the upstairs hallway, first room on the left. Look for the banner outside their room. Infants through Toddlers are in the last classroom on the right. Kindergarten through Elementary meet in the Jordan gym. Check in for all ages at the hallway table just inside the Turner Auditorium doors. 


If you're looking for some more online options for children's programming check out:

*Rightnowmedia.org: This is a free video resource for our church. Check out the kids' section (VeggieTales, etc.) and watch with the family! Registration link: click here.

Car Talk:

*When is it hard for you to have patience? 

*When is the last time not being patient got you in trouble? If you could go back to it to do over, how could you show patience to avoid getting in trouble?

*When you have to wait, what do you complain about the most? What could you do instead of complaining to help the situation?

Memory Verse: "Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love." - Ephesians 4:2 NIV