Zootopia is a movie that centers around a little police rabbit whose main objective is to solve the mystery surrounding a sickness that's spreading among the animals. (I hope I'm not ruining this for anyone...) After some great detective work, she finds a contaminated formula making the animals vicious. The question then becomes, how does she stop the other animals from being infected by the toxic chemicals?

(Going along with this theme...) I work hard to keep myself from being infected and becoming sick. Here are a couple of key points you should know about me:

*I tend to wash my hands so much that they dry out.

*Lysol spray is my friend.

*If you're sick, I WILL NOT get closer than 10 feet from you. You might have to yell to talk to me...

*AND I will NEVER touch the bathroom door handle on my way out without a protective layer of paper towels.

Does this make me weird?

I just don't want to get infected!

In fact, the closest I ever came to death was the time a fair ride began and I grabbed the handle before noticing that it was covered in vomit. I was already locked in with no escape. The next two minutes seemed like two hours! (I threw up a bit in my mouth just thinking about it...)

Purity is an important virtue. While we work hard at keeping germs away from our system, do we work as hard at keeping negative forces from infecting our hearts? Just as I have a few ways of keeping myself germ free (as much as possible), I also have boundaries that help maintain spiritual purity.

The Apostle Paul states, "Let there be no sex sin, impurity or greed among you. Let no one be able to accuse you of any such things." Ephesians 5:3, TLB

What precautions do you take to maintain spiritual purity? It's important, not only for you but for your witness in Christ.

We're starting one of my favorite series of all time this Sunday! Each week, we'll take one of this summer's movie blockbusters and search for spiritual truths in the storyline. Oh, and we also give out movie candy and popcorn. Great for the entire family!!

Sunday is going to be special. Can't wait! See you then.