This Could Save Your Marriage!

I'm about to share one thing with you that could possibly save your marriage!

Are you ready for this? Listen carefully...

Men, start dating your wife.

That's it!

I'm telling you from experience, this is one of the keys to having a successful marriage. Our marriage went from good to great once Shannon and I decided to start dating again.

Have you "kissed dating goodbye?" Why in the world did you do it?

Here's the top three excuses I hear people give for not dating in marriage:

1. I don't have the time. Really? Just a two-hour dinner is all it takes. And if the evening isn't available, try scheduling lunch together once a week (at least).

And you know what else? Add up the time you spend on Facebook in a week and then tell me you don't have time for a date. It's sad that many people have a better relationship with social media than their spouse. I'm convinced that people make time for things that are important to them.

2. We don't have any money. I hear that Epic restaurant is amazing. I wouldn't know. Shannon and I are still saving up to go. Some people have the idea that when it comes to a date, you have to "go big or go (just stay at) home!" Who says dating has to be expensive? I'm going to be honest and admit that we usually end up eating at whatever restaurant has the best coupon.

In fact, when the kids were little, I used to save $25 out of my paycheck twice a month for dates. $15 went to the babysitter (teenage youth member for an hour and a half), and we would get a few value meals or split a pizza with the rest. The point is, we made it work!

3. I feel guilty leaving the kids. On date night, I actually used to try to keep Shannon from coming home from work. I told her to just meet me at the restaurant because I knew if she made it home, I would never be able to pry the girls off her!

I also began to realize that it's actually better for my girls if I date my wife. 1. They see how important Shannon is to me. 2. They get to see how a Godly man treats his amazing bride and 3. I'm also in a better mood when I've had some alone time with my sugarlips. (Shan's gonna kill me for that one).

#relationshipstruggles? Try taking her on a date for Valentine's Day. Then schedule a few dates on your calendar. Take it from a hardheaded husband that almost "kissed dating goodbye." Date your spouse. Your relationship will be better for it.

Go ahead.

Ask her out.

She's waiting...

Jimmy McIlrath