We are MOVING this fall (2023)!  

After much prayer, discussion and evaluation, The Ridge Board unanimously approved the relocation to Williams Road. We are so excited to see what God is going to accomplish at our new worship space.  

Let's answer a few common questions:

*Where is it?  The address is 3021 Williams Road (Building B). It is just down from Old Town and near Tuesday's Tacos.

*When will we move in? It's a new construction, so we have to be a bit patient.  We're shooting for this fall.

*Will the service times stay the same? We'll immediately move to two services.

*What about our land on Smith Road? We still have it! This new location will place us one step closer to our property.

*What can we do in the meantime?  Pray and prepare!  Be in prayer that God will use this new location to reach more people for Jesus Christ.  We'll also need help moving AND we'll need more volunteers once we make the transition.  We'll keep you posted! 

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For more information, please watch the special announcement from Pastor Jimmy McIlrath: Click Here