Sunday Ministry Teams

Sunday Ministry Teams

God has given each person a set of skills, talents, gifts and resources. He has also placed within the heart of every person, a desire to do something meaningful. This is what our ministry teams are all about, empowering people to use their God-given gifts to serve others.

Instructions: Please pray over serving in one of the five teams below and commit to a monthly ministry team. Each team will have many opportunities for ministry.

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1. Parking Lot Team: The Ridge experience begins in the parking lot. Let’s make a great impression! This team impacts every person who drives onto the campus.

2. Greeting Team: This team welcomes our weekly guests. The focus is to create an atmosphere where guests are recognized and comfortable.

3. RidgeRunners Team: This team is passionate about sharing Christ’s love and the life-changing message of the gospel with children. RidgeRunner ministry ranges from infants through 5th grade.

*Carpet Square Leaders. Assisting in leading a carpet square full of adorable elementary children.

*Baby Holders. Our new babies want to be held during the service.

*Toddler and Infant Rooms. These movers and shakers have fun while also learning a little bible lesson each and every Sunday.

*Registration Table. A warm, smiling face needed to make a great first impression to visiting families.

4. Worship Team: Worship is one of our primary responsibilities. This team brings several elements to our service of worship including music, drama, visual arts and media.

*Sound – Making sure that the band sounds amazing!

*Computer – Making sure the words to the worship songs are on the screen.

*Lights – Making sure people can see the band.

*Band – Making a joyful noise to God! (Requires an audition with the worship leader).

5. Setup/Teardown Team: This team is the hands and feet of Christ. No expert skills needed, just the heart of service that comes from a heart of worship.

6. Ridge Students: This team is a wonderful group of adults who have a commitment to Christ and a desire to care for students. Our youth currently meet on Sunday evenings at The Ridge office.

*Serving could include: leading a small group, playing games, chaperoning an event, organizing food, etc.

7. Safety Team.  This team offers a watchful and helpful presence during the worship hour.

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