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Souled Out Summer 2020

Summer is just around the corner and we have an amazing ministry plan for our students. It all starts with Souled Out Summer student conference. Souled Out is our biggest and most important student event of the year. It sets the tone for the next year and is an incredibly powerful opportunity for students to grow in their faith and for our group to develop identity and passion.

Over 20 years of student ministry, I've never seen an event or retreat be as impactful and as fun as Souled Out and with 12 trips to Souled Out Summer under our belt, we've been able to fine tune our group experience so we get the most out of it for our students.

Our goal is for every Ridge student and lots of their friends to join us! To put that in concrete terms, this year, our goal is to take 50+ people and charter a bus for the first time!

- Nathan Carr, Director of Christian Education

Souled Out Dates are Monday, June 1 through Friday, June 5

Scholarships are available to help with costs to families - No student should miss Souled Out because of money or having to choose between it and other activities - It's that important!

To register and for more information, follow both of these links:

Click HERE to register online.
Click HERE for the information packet, medical release form & paper registration.



For more information, contact our Education Directors: Nathan and Autumn Carr