Souled Out Dates: Monday, June 5 - Friday, June 9

Souled Out is a Christian conference for middle and high school students. It is held at Laguna Beach Christian Retreat on the west end of Panama City Beach, Florida and it focuses on students’ relationship with Christ. Morning and evening worship and speakers set the tone for each day. The conference is discipleship oriented, and each student will participate in a D-Group (disciple group) made up of students of their grade and gender. Each D-group is led by college age Discipleship Leaders (D-Leaders) whose focus is on helping students open up and grow closer to Christ. Lots of free time is scheduled into each afternoon for individual activities, swimming at the pools or beach, playing in the basketball/Ultimate Frisbee/volleyball, etc tournaments, competing in the strong man/woman contest, or just hanging out and relaxing. Souled Out is the perfect setting for students to open up and be real before God and with each other.

This year’s Souled Out theme is “Purpose.” Living Life in Christ, On Purpose and With Purpose!

Worship will be led by Jonathan and Lisa and their band, MOORE.

This year’s evening speaker is Jordan Easley.

The morning speaker is Christian comedian Lee McBride. He brings the word in a straight-forward and funny way, and he always cuts to the core of what’s going on in students’ hearts.

The camp coach, Nathan Carr will lead recreation on the beach and crazy fun and contests during the evening sessions.

To register for Souled Out, please complete the attached registration form & honor code with your student and pay either the Promise to Pay deposit of $100 or the full registration of $425 (by March 31) or $450 (after March 31)


Closer to camp we will send a packing list and the Medical Release form which requires a hand-written signature since it is for a hospital in the event of an emergency. You can turn it in, in paper form, or scan and Email it to

If you have multiple students, you will need to complete a separate registration for each one.
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