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Souled Out Summer 2020

Souled Out has been moved to July 13 - July 17.  
This decision has been made because Laguna Beach Christian Retreat center, where Souled Out is held, may still be closed on June 1, economic opening in Florida, Georgia and other parts of the southeast may not yet be far enough along, and while the virus situation is looking much better, we thought it would be premature at this stage to hold this type of event on June 1. 
All that said, We felt like things are looking good enough that we could still plan to hold Souled Out later this summer, and Laguna Beach is offering the flexibility to allow us to move forward without being on the hook if things change.
  1. We will ask for $100 promise to pay deposits to made at this time to reserve student spots, but they will be refundable if Souled Out has to be canceled because things get worse again. The church will not have to make a payment for our group until July, and we will know by then that we're good to go for sure. 
  2. We will have two morning and evening worship services so students can be more spread out than normal (half the groups will attend one, the second half the other)
  3. Student rooming will be much more spaced out than normal for Souled Out - translated we won't be packed in like sardines. 
Souled Out is our biggest and most important student event of the year. It sets the tone for the next year and is an incredibly powerful opportunity for students to grow in their faith and for our group to develop identity and passion. 
Over 20 years of student ministry, I've never seen an event or retreat be as impactful and as fun as Souled Out and with 12 trips to Souled Out Summer under our belt, we've been able to fine tune our group experience so we get the most out of it for our students. 
You don't want to let your sons and daughters miss this!!!
New Souled Out Dates are Monday, July 13 through Friday, July 17   .  
Scholarships are available to help with costs to families  -  No student should miss Souled Out because of money or having to choose between it and other activities - It's that important! 
To register and for more information, follow both of these links:
Click HERE to register online.

For more information, contact our Education Directors: Nathan and Autumn Carr