Souled Out Summer 2020 has been canceled due to COVID-19.   
The decision was made Tuesday (June 2), and it came down to churches having differing timelines for reopening, some still being unsure if they could come and issues related to hundreds of students in close proximity coming from different areas around the country. 
We have been looking at things and talking to students and parents since then and we are going to hold a Ridge Summer Retreat, possibly at Laguna Beach, but somewhere out of town during those same dates (July 13-17). 
Watch this video announcement!
We will have a definitive plan in place for the summer retreat by June 13 (30 days out).  Anyone already signed up will have the option to apply their Souled Out registration toward The Ridge Summer Retreat or receive a refund.  
We will post new registration information here as soon as we have it.  

For more information, contact our Education Directors: Nathan and Autumn Carr