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Student Hiking Trip

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November 25, 2019 to November 26, 2019

All Day

We’re going on an adventure!...

…to the Talledega National Forrest near Cheaha State Park, AL. This beginner-friendly backpacking trip is open to students 6th grade through 12th grade and is limited to a max of 12 participants.

Dates: Nov 25-26
We will meet at The Ridge office at 10:30 a.m. Monday, November 25 and return Tuesday evening, November 26.

Cost: $20 + money for 2 meals and any gear needed.
The cost is $20/student to help cover van rental, gas & group food. Students will also need money for a fast food lunch on the way and for dinner on the way back at Cracker Barrel. We will help students find gear to borrow, but some may need or want to purchase their own gear (see packing list below).

Trail: 11 miles total over two days on the Pinhoti and Cave Creek trails
We will hike 3.5 miles on day one to our camp site and 7.5 miles on day two looping back to the parking lot. Monday’s hike is more strenuous, but shorter while Tuesday’s is a little longer, but much easier. The trail has a lot of varied terrain, beautiful scenery, and some short, challenging sections, so it offers a great taste of backpacking. Our campsite pictured above is a pretty special place and is among the most scenic campsites anywhere in the east. When we finish the hike, we’ll take a 15-minute ride down to Cheaha falls where anyone brave enough can take a plunge into the freezing water. We’ll cap the trip off with a stop at Cracker Barrel to warm up, fill up and share stories.
Packing List:

We can help you borrow some of this gear if needed so you don’t have to buy it. Academy, Walmart, Target and Dicks carry a lot of good/cheaper items that you may need. My go-to in town is Academy.

Backpacking Clothing:

1. Hiking shoes or boots. For this trip, low/light hikers or mid-high boots recommended. You could probably get by with heavy-duty tennis shoes, but you will roll your ankle and your feet will hurt due to rocky terrain.
2. Light, wool or synthetic socks - 2 pairs (wear one, pack the other)
3. Synthetic underwear - 2 pairs (wear one, pack the other)
4. Synthetic (athletic/exercise) shorts, light pants, tights, shirts etc. - 2 pairs (wear one, pack the other) Highs on the mountain will likely be in the 50s. Lows will likely be in the upper 30s to low 40s.
5. Wool or synthetic lightweight base layer shirts - 2 (wear one, pack the other)
6. Wool, synthetic or down mid-layer puffy, etc.
7. Lightweight beanie and/or cap or brimmed hat
8. Waterproof/windproof shell

Street Clothing (to change into when we get back to the car. Pack these in a separate bag):

1. Tennis shoes, flip flops, chacos, or similar - 1 pair
2. Socks - 1 pair
3. Underwear - 1 pair
4. Jeans/Shorts/tights/skirts etc. 1 pair
5. T-shirts – 1
6. Swimsuit (if you want to take the plunge off Cheaha Falls which we will visit at the end of the hike)


1. Toothbrush & toothpaste.
2. Hairbrush or comb
3. Deodorant
4. Wilderness wipes and/or travel hand sanitizer
5. Optional: Wilderness soap or shampoo


1. Backpack 40 liters or bigger
2. Sleeping bag – 30 degree EN rating or lower. (Look for the “EN” comfort rating. It will be different for males and females. If a bag doesn’t have it listed and you aren’t able to look it up online, add 10 degrees for girls and 5 degrees for guys. So if the bag is rated to 35 degrees the EN rating will likely be between 40 and 45 and that might not be quite warm enough for our trip depending on what the actual temperature ends up being.)
3. Inflatable or foam ground pad or under quilt for an ENO.
4. Nalgene or similar 32oz bottles - 2
5. Camelback or similar hydration bladder or additional water bottles in pack (We will need to each carry a total of about 1 gallon of water or 128ozs
6. Headlamp or flashlight
7. Lighter and matches
8. Trekking poles or hiking stick (optional but recommended)
9. Stuff sacks for food, clothing, etc. (can use gallon zip-locks)
10. First aid kit (ziplock with bandages, medicine, etc or buy small one)
11. Knife or multitool
12. Inflatable pillow (optional)

We will share the following items. We will divide up weight between packs so make sure you have extra space to share these items. Please let me know if you have these items.

13. Water filter*
14. Backpacking Stove, cooking pot & utensils (2 people per stove and pot)
15. Backpacking Tent* or ENO. Our campsite is perfect for ENO camping, but be aware that you will still need a ground pad or under quilt and a good sleeping bag to keep you warm – probably. Sleeping in a hammock is colder than s

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