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Devotional Series

"It is better to give than to receive."  Acts 20:35

A few of our church members have agreed to share their thoughts on generosity as we prepare for Commitment Sunday (March 18th).  It's great to see the blessings and miracles that are possible when we learn to be more generous togehter.  We hope you enjoy!

Introduction: Anna Sims (click here)

Day 1: Stewart and Kari McWhorter (click here).

Day 2: Jennifer and Avery Brock (click here). 

Day 3: Mo and Jana Scarbrough (click here)

Day 4: Wayne and Kelly Gasser (click here)

Day 5: Josh and Jodee Rovig (click here)

Day 6: Bo and Kimberly Durham (click here)

Day 7: Doug and Jami Conroy (click here)